Chef Tim

Chef Tim

With 15 years of professional cooking under his belt, Chef Timothy James combines great love and passion for food along with his worldly culinary experience - to achieve the most tantalizing creations possible.

Starting out as a personal chef for health-oriented private group retreats in Northern California, his cooking skills and talents underwent an evolution of refinement as he strove to meet the demanding high quality and healthy food needs of his clients. The central focus was locally grown, organic and sustainable agriculture that produced the freshest flavors, highest nutrients, and of course - most vibrantly appetizing dishes ever. 

Moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2007, he continued his vocation as a private retreat chef. With great inspirations from the islands wide diversity of agriculture and aquaculture ( within 14 unique micro-climates), Tim's culinary talents evolved to new levels. Soon he found himself stepping away from retreat work and fulfilling requests for more personalized private fine dining experiences as a personal chef. 

After he was offered a management position at an elegant Bed and Breakfast in South Kona, his dreams were even more fully realized. It was there that he was able to focus on refining his culinary skills and create many of his signature dishes. His guests were very happy to indulge, to say the least, and his reviews are top rated.

Chef Tim loves bringing his personal chef services to your location to create meals that will leave you with long lasting memories of tropical taste sensations. 



We want all your recipes! Never had better, especially your Ahi and delectable Thai Soup. I would recommend your services to anyone...(and that is coming from an ex-professional chef).
— Lois Flick, Sedona Arizona

Thank you for your incredible cooking. It was so delicious. The memory of your generosity and your dishes will warm my heart when I’m back the cold weather of Sweden. With lots of love and big hugs...
— Veronica K, Gothenburg, Sweden